R102 - Black Combo

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Physical Combat

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Physical attack. DAMAGE: AT +1 stage. Raise your anger 2 levels. HIT: You may choose a card attached to an MP and attach to a different MP.

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Black Combo treats the attached card as if you played it yourself (Wall Breaker, Black Capture, etc.)[source]

If you attach an opponent's Red Trailing Blast to yourself with Black Combo, it will return to your opponent's hand when your MP changes levels.[source]

If you are using the HIT effect of Black Combo while using an MP whose highest power level on their level 4 is greater than 500,000, an attach card that requires your MP's highest power level on their level 4 to be 500,000 or less in order to attach (e.g. Namekian Thrust, Saiyan Clench) is not a valid target. [source]

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