R103 - Black Dash

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Physical Combat

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ENDURANCE 1. Physical attack. DAMAGE: AT +2 stages. Raise your anger 2 levels. HIT: You may search your opponent's Life Deck for an Ally that isn't already in play and play it.

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Official Clarifications Edit

When using the HIT effect of Black Dash, you play the chosen Ally under your control, not your opponent's control.[source]

You may play a second copy of an Ally you already have in play using Black Dash or with another card effect, for instance Overpowering Attack. This Ally is treated with same rules as any other Ally.[source]

If you use the power of an opponent's Ally, and that Ally is later discarded and played again by your opponent, your opponent may not use the power of that Ally as it has already been used this turn.[source]

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Alignment rules on Allies are for Deck Construction purposes only.

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