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Physical Combat

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ENDURANCE 1. Stops a physical attack. If that attack was a Physical Combat card, return it to your opponent's hand. Your opponent discards a random card from his hand.

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Only return the attack to your opponent's hand if it is a Physical Combat card your opponent owns.[source]

Per the Hidden Zone Ruling (CRD 6.0), if an attack returns to your opponent's hand, it ceases to resolve any remaining effects (including damage). This is noteworthy for attacks that are unstoppable but returned to the hand and therefore cease to resolve. [source]

If an attack is returned to the hand with Black Delay it will not trigger any "if stopped" effects. This is because effect of a Shield card that actually stops an attack is not considered an immediate effect of that card. While it is the first thing to appear on the card, it is the last thing to happen in timing sequence. [source]

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