U085 - Black Left Burst

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Energy Combat

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Energy attack costing 1 stage.

Choose a card in play. If that card is an attack, banish it. Search your opponent's discard pile for a copy of the chosen card and banish it.

DAMAGE: 4 life cards.

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When using Black Manipulative Mastery to reveal and play Black Left Burst to prevent all damage from an attack, you cannot target the attack you are preventing with Left Burst's immediate effect because attacks are not considered to be "in play" when played from your hand but are considered to be "in use" instead. Cards that "stay in play" move from "in use" to "in play" instead of being discarded/etc. after use. There is an exception in the case of cards that attach to an MP as an immediate effect as that card will be considered "in play" as soon as it is attached to its target. [source]

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