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Energy Combat

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(If this card is discarded from your hand by a card effect, your MP gains 4 stages.) ENDURANCE 1. Energy attack costing 2 stages. DAMAGE: 4 life cards. HIT: Raise or lower your opponent's MP one personality level at the end of combat.

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If your opponent's MP is on level 1, you can still attempt to lower his MP a personality level with no effect.

If you have other "end of combat" effects, you may choose the order in which they occur.

Community Clarifications Edit

Blue Neck Beam’s HIT effect is decided at the end of combat. [source]

If Sobering Hammer was successful that combat, Blue Neck Beam would not be able to advance your opponent’s MP a Level. Similarly, the HIT effect of Gohan’s Backlash would not advance or lower your MP at the end of combat where Android Arm Breaker was attached. [source]

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