40 buus-chocolate

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(Limit 1 per deck. Whenever this card leaves play, banish the card "Buu's Chocolate" was attached to.)

POWER: Attach to a Drill in play. Gain control of that Drill and it loses all effects. While attached, you may banish this card as an action to raise your anger 1 level and your opponent loses 3 stages.

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The target of Buu's Chocolate loses all effects when it is targeted, not as a condition of being attached. If an effect causes Buu's Candy to lose all effects while it is attached to a target, the target does not regain its effects.

Parenthetical Text is not considered to be part of a card's effects. If you target a Drill with Parenthetical Text with Buu's Chocolate, the target will retain that Parenthetical Text.

If you banish Buu's Chocolate as an action while it is attached to a Drill you own and control, and raising your anger 1 level with its effect causes your MP to advance a level and advancing a level would cause the Drill that Chocolate is attached to to leave play into a Hidden Zone during the process of advancing a level (e.g. Orange Retribution Mastery, Master Roshi - Overwhelmed) the Drill will no longer be banished (per Hidden Zone ruling in the CRD).

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