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Card Type[]

Main Personality

Limit per Deck[]




Original Text[]

CONSTANT: Whenever you Rejuvenate, increase that amount by 1.

INSTANT POWER: Use when entering combat. Rejuvenate the top or bottom card for your discard pile.

POWER: Physical attack.

Search your discard pile or Banished Zone for a Named Setup and place it into play or use its Power.

DAMAGE: 6 stages.

Erratum Text[]


Official Clarifications[]

Buu - Monstrous's constant simply increases the number of cards Rejuvenated and does not change how those cards are selected. For example, you would Rejuvenate the top or bottom 2 cards of your discard pile with this level's INSTANT POWER. [source]

If the constant effect of Buu - Monstrous Rejuvenates 2 Styled Drills with the effect of Orange Combative Mastery or Orange Juke (with 2 or less Drills in play), both Drills will be placed into play. [source]

If the constant effect of Buu - Monstrous Rejuvenates 2 attacks with the effect of Red Commanding Mastery, you may choose which of the two to play. [source]

If you use the power of Red Speedy Drill while the constant power of Buu - Monstrous is active, you Rejuvenate 2 Styled Drills from your discard pile, but you destroy the top 2 cards of your opponent's Life Deck even if you are only able to Rejuvenate 1 Drill. [source]

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