U076 - Cell Jr., Trapped

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Saiyan, Earthling, Namekian, Alien, Android

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(This personality cannot gain stages.)

CONSTANT: While you control 1 Ally, your effects that destroy cards from the top of your opponent's Life Deck have that amount increased by 1. If your MP is Cell, your opponent's attacks deal -1 life card of damage.

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This personality is also prevented from "raising" stages (e.g. Namekian Fusion[source][source]).

If I only control Cell Jr., Escaping and Cell Jr., Trapped and then use Cell, Prepared's power to shuffle Cell Jr., Escaping and choose to banish Cell Jr., Escaping instead of shuffling him into my Life Deck, will Cell Jr., Trapped's constant power increase the amount of cards my opponent destroys by 1 for Cell Jr, Escaping's effect?

** Yes.[source]

If Cell Jr - Trapped is your only ally in play and you have Namekian Whack attached, Cell Jr will not increase the amount of cards destroyed by your effects as the cards are are banished instead. Effects that are used "when you destroy cards" from your opponent's Life Deck are treated as if they read "when you WOULD destroy cards" from your opponent's Life Deck. [source 1] [source 2]

If Cell Jr - Trapped is your only ally in play while you are using Saiyan Enhanced Mastery you can either choose to either have your Styled effects destroy the cards and have that amount increased, or banish them instead and not increase the amount. This must be decided before any cards are revealed to be destroyed/banished. [source 1] [source 2]

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