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Welcome to the DragonBallZTCG Wiki[]

Welcome to the #1 community source for rules and judge assistance for Panini's Dragon Ball Z TCG! Here you'll find recent card rulings with supporting evidence directly from Panini or the DBZTCG Community for all of your judging or clarification needs. Wondering if a card is banished after use after an ambiguous effect? Curious on the timing of a specific sequence of events? We're here to help.

As a community project, it's up to us to help provide these one-off clarifications that may not make it into the CRD but are nonetheless critical to maintaining clarity in a game that sometimes gets a little murky. Rules are tagged as official or community clarification. Official rules and clarifications are added based on official Panini responses and erratum, with additional support for community rulings based on organized play precedence when an official response is elusive.

Do you have a ruling you think is wrong or is missing? Feel free to contribute an answer from Panini and help create the best community source for rulings in Panini's DBZTCG out there! Still a little apprehensive about the whole Wiki thing? Email any questions or rulings to dbztcgwikia@gmail.com and we'll be glad to update the appropriate pages for you!

Current Official DBZTCG Tournament Guide[]

Panini's Current DBZTCG Tournament Guide. Click here for official guidance during casual and competitive tournaments.

Current Official DBZTCG Rule Book[]

Panini's Current DBZTCG Rule Book. Click here for a quick guide on how to play the game! Historical Rule Books can be found in the DBZTCG Wikia archives.

Current Official DBZTCG CRD[]

Panini's Current Rulings Document effective 26 August 2016. Click here for all official clarifications and rulings first! Historical CRDs can be found in the DBZTCG Wikia archives.

For the final PanZ CRD and the current FanZ CRD, click here.

Card Rulings, Clarifications, and Erratum[]

Have a specific card you're confused about?  Wondering how two cards interact?  You've found the right place. Click here!

Game Rules, Clarifications, and Erratum[]

Looking for game specific rulings for Panini's Dragon Ball Z TCG? Need beginner's advice on how to play?  Click here for your ultimate resource!

Open Clarifications and Ruling Questions[]

Here we've got the questions that are plaguing our mind listed out for you to ponder too! Expect a lot of action during set releases, but you never what situation might strike you after a few months of assumptions unravel...Got one yourself? Feel free to edit and add to this page and help us clarify the unclarifiable!

Obscure Rulings[]

Here we have compiled a list of various rulings for interactions that occur more due to game mechanics than the effects of a specific card.

Latest activity[]

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