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Welcome to the #1 community source for rules and judge assistance for Panini's Dragon Ball Z TCG official! Here you'll find recent card rulings with supporting evidence directly from Panini for all of your judging or clarification needs. Wondering if a card is banished after use after an ambiguous effect? Curious on the timing of a specific sequence of events? We're here to help.

As a community project, it's up to us to help provide these one-off clarifications that may not make it into the CRD, but are nonetheless critical to maintaining clarity in a game that sometimes gets a little murky. Rules are tagged as official or unofficial clarification. Official rules and clarifications are added based on official Panini responses and erratum, with additional support for unofficial rulings based on organized play precedence when an official response is elusive.

Feel free to contribute an answer from Panini and help create the best community source for Panini's DBZTCG out there!

Game Rules, Clarifications, and Erratum

Looking for game specific rulings for Panini's Dragon Ball Z TCG? Need beginner's advice on how to play?  Here's your ultimate resource!

Card Rulings, Clarifications, and Erratum

Have a specific card you're confused about?  Wondering how two cards interact?  You've found the right place..

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