1. Drill card list[[1]]

Overview Edit

Drills represent knowledge or training, and they are constantly active once they are on the table.

Drills are played during the Planning Step. You may not attempt to play or place into play a Styled Drill that matches the name of a Drill you already have in play. There is no limit on Freestyle Drills.

If you use an effect to play or place into play multiple Drills, you cannot choose multiple copies of the same Styled Drill.[source]

Whenever your Main Personality advances or lowers a level, all of your Drills are discarded.

Drill Effects Edit

Drills generally have CONSTANT effects that are always considered in use.

Some Drills have POWERs that may only be used once per turn. Unlike personalities, if such a Drill leaves and re-enters play, its POWER may be used again.[source]

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