U067 - Earth Dragon Ball 7

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Dragon Ball

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(Once per game, you may play this card from your hand as an action to end combat.)

CONSTANT: Once per turn as an action, you may place a Dragon Ball from your hand into play.

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If Blue Battle Drill is in play, can Earth Dragon Ball 7 be played during combat (to end combat)? Can it be played during the Planning Step? Can it be placed into play?

** You would not be able to play Earth Dragon Ball 7 during combat (from the hand) or during the Planning Step when Blue Battle Drill is in play. You would still be able to place Earth Dragon Ball 7 into play.

After using Earth Dragon Ball 7's "once per turn" effect, if it leaves and re-enters play or changes control multiple times, can you ever use that effect again on the same turn?

** No. [source]

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