U062 - Master Roshi, Overwhelmed

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Main Personality

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(When you advance to this personality level, you may return a Setup or Drill you control to its owner's hand.)

CONSTANT: After your Life Deck is shuffled, you may raise your anger 1 level.

POWER: Return a Setup or Drill in play to its owner's hand to prevent all damage from an attack.

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Master Roshi triggers when you physically advance to this level (before setting your power stages). If you elect to return a Setup or Drill to its owner's hand, you will do so before you would set your power stages and setting your anger to zero.[source]

When you use an effect to search your Life Deck for a card, you shuffle your deck after the sentence containing the search effect has completed.

Example - You are using Master Roshi - Overwhelmed and you play Red Escape while your anger level is 4. You would search your Life Deck for a Drill and place it into play, then you would shuffle your Life Deck, then you would raise your anger 1 level due to Roshi's constant. This would cause you to advance a level and your Drills would be discarded before you can banish one to finish the effect of Escape. [source]

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