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Overview Edit

Your Mastery represents your fighting style and will shape the theme of your entire deck. Masteries can contain a mix of Constant effects and POWERs.

Masteries begin the game in play.

Black Edit

The manipulation style. Black uses disruptive effects to control your opponent’s options, as well as deal damage from a variety of attack types.

Blue Edit

The reversal style. Blue cards will often prevent damage or use your opponent’s own cards against them.

Orange Edit

The controlling style. Orange seeks to establish dominance by accumulating cards in play while unleashing powerful energy attacks.

Red Edit

The aggressive style. Red cards emphasize advancing your Main Personality and often reward you for being on higher Levels.

Namekian Edit

The regenerative style. Namekian decks pay special attention to cards that have been discarded from the deck. The Namekian Style is limited to the following personalities:

Saiyan Edit

The offensive style. Saiyan cards are focused on all- out attacking and brute force. The Saiyan Style is limited to the following personalities:

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