Set 3 Release - Panini Compilation Edit

Looking for old questions that were previously on this list during Set 3 Release? Click the links below for the source email that has resolved those questions!

Part 1

Part 2

Open Card Interaction Questions Edit

If a player uses a card that state's "Damage from your attacks cannot be prevented", does that prevent endurance form being used, or does that only prevent endurance from preventing damage? E.G., if an opponent uses a ill dig your grave, and while taking damage you discard yamcha's rescue, can you remove yamchas rescue from the game, without reducing the damage, to end combat?

This question is covered here: The Combat Step. Endurance can still be "used" (to no effect) if damage cannot be prevented. On the contrary, Endurance cannot be used if an effect prevents Endurance from being used.

Timing when advancing/changing levels. When exactly are all Drills discarded, and when do effects like Red Saving Drill, Red Threatening Drill, Master Roshi level 1 and 2, and Orange Duck trigger and resolve?

Power Mimic - what happens if you activate a Power Mimic, it leaves play and enters your Life Deck (now 2 copies of Power Mimic are in your Life Deck) and a copy of Power Mimic moves from your Life Deck to discard pile (via damage, destroy, etc.)?

If a Drill banished with Black Destructive Beam leaves the Banished Zone (e.g. Goku, Super Saiyan), but then re-enters the Banished Zone, does Black Destructive Beam still place it into play from the Banished Zone at the end of combat? What if a different physical copy of the same Drill was banished?

If Vegeta, Elite plays Saiyan Light Jab as his first physical attack (it is unstoppable), and his opponent plays Black Delay, which returns Saiyan Light Jab to Vegeta's hand, does Saiyan Light Jab (which has HIT: Shuffle this card into your Life Deck.) still get shuffled in regardless of whether it was discarded or not to Black Delay?

Does Saiyan Charged Kick still count stages converted to Life Cards by Vegeta, Super Saiyan (e.g. original stages from Saiyan Prelude or other modifiers in play). What if those stages were converted into life cards and prevented with Endurance?

Is your opponent still considered the "defender" during your action when you are not using an Attack (e.g. Setup/Event)? If you have Vegeta's Anger attached, are you always able to use Overwhelming Power's destroy effect?

If you use an effect to simultaneously (place into) play Drills (e.g. Goku, Super Saiyan, Orange Clearing Blast), you are still not allowed to choose multiple copies of the same Styled Drill, correct?

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