1. Physical Combat card list [[1]]

Overview Edit

Physical Combat cards are used for attacking and blocking. They represent strikes, holds, throws, and other types of attacks and blocks for battle. Physical Combat cards are played in combat as an attacking or defending action.

Physical Attacks Edit

Most physical attacks do not cost power stages to perform. If a physical attack has a power stage cost, it can be found on the card. If you do not have the required power stages to perform the attack, you cannot play it.

Most physical attacks deal power stages of damage.

Some Physical Combat cards may represent energy attacks or defenses.

Effects Edit

Any effects on the card listed after the defined DAMAGE are the card's immediate and HIT effects. Immediate effects on attacks are used before the defender plays a defensive action, and immediate effects on blocks are used in the defender's action. HIT effects are used after damage is dealt by a successful attack.

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