26 red-amplified-mastery

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CONSTANT: Your Styled energy attacks cost -1 stage (this effect cannot lower a cost to 0). Whenever a Drill you control leaves play, Rejuvenate 1.

INSTANT POWER: Use when your MP changes levels. Choose a Drill you control. It cannot be discarded or destroyed this turn.

POWER: Raise or lower a player's anger 1 level. Gain X stages and your next Styled attack this combat deals +X life cards of damage. X = your current anger level.

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The cost reduction from this mastery DOES stack with other effects that reduce the cost of attacks (such as Yamcha levels 2-4).

The Rejuvenation from the constant effect occurs after the Drill has left play. This means that if a Drill you control is destroyed, you would ultimately Rejuvenate that Drill.

If you level by raising your anger with this mastery's POWER, your anger will be reset to 0 during the leveling process and X will equal 0 for the remainder of the effect.

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