R121 - Red Restriction

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(Banish after use.) INSTANT POWER: Use when entering combat. Players can only attack or pass in their actions this combat. Draw 2 cards and then discard a card from your hand.

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Both players can defend during Combat if this card is used, as blocking is not an action.[source][source2]

An action is considered "attacking" if an attack card is played, or if an attack is performed in the first sentence of a Power being used (e.g. Saiyan Rampaging Mastery). If Power can perform an attack, but does not do so in its first sentence (e.g. Red Ruthless Mastery), you cannot use it while Red Restriction is active.

You cannot use the Power of Frieza - Transformed or Blue Recuperating Drill while Red Restriction is active as it is possible to fail to perform an attack. [source]

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