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CONSTANT: You cannot win by MPPV. Your Saiyan Style attacks gain "Raise your anger 1 level. HIT: Gain 3 power stages." Whenever you rejuvenate a Saiyan Style card, raise your anger 1 level.

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The Saiyan Style is limited to the following personalities:

Your anger is raised 1 for each Styled card Rejuvenated.

Your Saiyan Style attacks only gain "Raise your anger 1 level. HIT: Gain 3 power stages." while they are in play. They are not considered to have this text when in any other zone.[source] Saiyan Style attacks in your discard pile that do not already have "anger" in the text box do not interact with Gohan, Armored.

Whenever a card gains text, that text is placed after any printed text with the same timing. For Saiyan Empowered Mastery, the added text for anger gain is placed in immediate effect section of the card text, after any printed immediate effects (if any). Likewise, the “HIT” text will get added after any printed HIT effects and occur in that timing window.[source]

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