U100 - Saiyan Upward Kick

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Physical Combat

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Physical attack. DAMAGE: AT +4 stages. Your opponent cannot gain stages this combat.

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This effect also prevents your opponent from "raising" stages (e.g. Namekian Fusion[source][source]). Note that leveling up allows you to "set" your MP to 10 stages above zero.[source]

Your opponent cannot gain stages from their card effects or your card effects while under the effects of Saiyan Upward Kick. For instance, if you attack with Saiyan Upward Kick and then use Battle Pausing, your opponent does not gain 5 stages from Battle Pausing.[source]

If you are under the effects of Saiyan Upward Kick and use an effect that gains your opponent stages, your opponent still gains those stages.[source]

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