Play Cards Edit

The active player may play any Allies, Setups, Drills, or Dragon Balls from his hand.

Ally Edit

Allies enter play at 3 power stages above 0.

Setup Edit

Setups are played during the Planning Step, but are activated later during Combat.

Drill Edit

Drills with CONSTANT Effects are always active, but some have Powers that are activated once per Combat. You may not play a Styled Drill that matches a Styled Drill you already have in play.

Dragon Ball Edit

If you control six Dragon Balls of the same set and play the seventh Dragon Ball from your hand, you win immediately before using the Dragon Ball's power. After playing the Dragon Ball, you must immediately use all of its effects. Next, any effects that trigger from a Dragon Ball entering play are resolved. You may not play a Dragon Ball that matches one that is already in play.

Power Up Edit

Your Main Personality and any Allies each gain stages equal to their Power Up Rating.

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