S016 - Vegeta, Calculating

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The first time each combat one of your card effects requires you to discard 1 card from your hand, you may reveal that card instead.


Use when you perform a Styled attack. You may choose for that attack to deal its life card damage as stages of damage instead.

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Vegeta's "reveal" effect is a replacement effect.[source] This means...

Parenthetical effects like Orange Distracting Drill or Saiyan Interruption cannot be overridden or superseded by Vegeta's power.

You could reveal a Drill instead of discarding it with Orange Possession Drill.

Card effects like "Discard a card from your hand. If you do..." (see Red Face Break, Blue Fear, etc.): If you did not actually discard a card due to Vegeta revealing it instead, any “if you do” effect contingent upon the discard would not take place.

Vegeta's "conversion" effect is not a modifier (only "+" or "-" that increase/decrease damage are modifiers).

Vegeta's "conversion" effect is activated when an attack is performed, but the actual conversion takes place immediately before damage is dealt, after all damage calculation and modifiers.[source]

Vegeta's ability to reveal is never “used up” until you would actually discard 1 card. If a card has an optional effect to discard a card (see Blue Glare, Red Face Break, etc.) and you do not elect to do so, Vegeta’s Power would still be live later in the turn.[source]

If Vegeta (Evolution) activates Black Conflict Mastery to discard a card and chooses to reveal that card instead, can Black Conflict Mastery still see if "that card" (the revealed card) was Styled, or is Conflict Mastery contingent upon "that card" actually being discarded?

** The Mastery refers to “that card” instead of “the discarded card,” allowing it to work with the replacement effect of Vegeta - Calculating. [source]

Your hand is always considered to be a "non-visible" zone, even if it is being revealed by a card effect (such as Ginyu or Baba allies) and cards in your hand can still be revealed by effects, even while your hand is revealed. [source]

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