Survival Victory Edit

If your opponent's Life Deck has no cards left in it, you win.

  • If your opponent is taking life cards of damage, but can only reveal Dragon Balls (and therefore cannot completely take the damage that was dealt), you win.
  • If your opponent is destroying cards from the top of his deck (non-damage), and he can only reveal Dragon Balls that are not in play, those Dragon Balls are cycled to the bottom of his deck and each card counts toward the destroy effect. Your opponent does not lose as a result of this since he still has cards in his Life Deck. (Caveat: If your opponent's Life Deck only contains a single card and it is a Dragon Ball that is not in play, there is a moment in time where his Life Deck is empty before that Dragon Ball is placed on the bottom of his Life Deck, and you would win.)[source]
  • If your opponent draws the last card of his Life Deck, you win.

Dragon Ball Victory Edit

If you control all seven Dragon Balls of a single set, you win. If you play the seventh Dragon Ball from your hand, or if you use an effect to capture the seventh Dragon Ball, you win immediately before using the Dragon Ball's effects.

Most Powerful Personality Victory Edit

If you reach 5 anger while your Main Personality is on level 4, you win. Several card effects can cause you to temporarily or permanently give up winning by the Most Powerful Personality Victory.

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